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Tactical Dog Leash Digital Camo
traffic leash
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Tactical Dog Leash - Digital Camo

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This 13" tactical dog leash in digital camo color, also known as traffic tab, or paracord pull tab, works best on tall dogs.

Convenient for you, so you don't have to wrap the leash around your hand while you are doing errands, training, or going for a walk + teaches your dog to walk beside you, not around you. 

Check out how it looks on a Doberman Pinscher.


K9 Empawered tactical dog leash is made out of nylon. This material is most commonly known as paracord, which was used by paratroopers during WW2 given its strength and durability. 

All leashes are handmade using the powerful knot technique 'cobra weave' which results in a reliable and strong traffic leash.

Available in 5 different colors.


Measure the distance between your dog's neck and your hand is 13" to ensure this tactical dog leash will work for both of you.


  • Keep your buddy close to you when walking.
  • Will help your k9 learn how to walk beside you and not around you. 
  • Prevents your dog from being tangled and stuck.
  • It keeps itself clean because it doesn't touch the ground.
  • Pair it with a 1.5inch wide tactical dog collar for best results.

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